• LETTER: Coal-to-gas savings little more than a mirage on paper

    On Jan. 28, Lincolnland Development Corp. hosted a meeting at Santa Claus, at which Jennifer Alvey gave an overview of the contract recently signed between the governor’s office and private developers for the proposed coal-to-gas (syngas) plant at Rockport.

  • LETTER: Editorial lacks evidence on benefits of syngas plant

    In the Feb 10 issue of the Journal-Democrat, the paper’s editorial asserts that “Coal gasification should not be seen as a solution for energy needs, but as a bridge to better things to come.” In contrast, I believe that coal gasification should be seen as a bridge to nowhere, a taxpayer-funded financial boondoggle,  if one considers facts as below.

  • Emergency services helped after fire destroyed home

    We would like to thank all of Rockport and Spencer County police, ambulance, fire departments and anyone who assisted or offered help on Dec. 13 when the home of Del Miller was destroyed by fire.
    We cannot thank everyone enough for all the help, donations, thoughts and prayers. The family and family pets are all safe thanks to you all.
    Words can’t say enough. Thank you everyone.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

    Del Miller and family

  • Who will fight to project our county’s environment?

    Our state legislators and governor have decided they know what is best for our southwestern residents. They have passed a bill that mandates an agency to purchase a synthetic natural gas (syngas) that will be produced right in Rockport’s back door.
    Apparently they do not care that our area is one of the most polluted in the United States. Their motto is “clean coal.” They believe that technology is the end-all-cure-all to mankind’s problems, but that just ain’t true.

  • Water still won’t flow uphill

    The water problem I’ve written about before at County Road 975 N. and 400 W. remains. Our county must have money to throw away. If not, why do they continue to spend thousands of dollars trying to run water north one mile uphill along the side of 400 W.?

  • We can’t afford sewer project

    It’s a shame we can’t get more people involved with fighting the Luce Township Sewer Board. I have caught them in so many false statements and yet they keep on going. It’s like nobody cares.

    I know most of the public doesn’t know anything about what’s going on and it‘s not your fault. The idea of a sewer system sounds good when you think of the benefits it could bring.

  • C3 sewer system will take money out of our township

    I thought that I would send a letter to the editor to let the good people of Luce Township know about what will happen if the sewer board is allowed to put the C3 system in to our township. First of all, I believe it will cost you around $4,000 to hook up the plumbing and electrical from the grinder pump to your house.