• START vote proves bipartisanship still alive in capital

    Whether it was after Democrats’ winning heavily in 2008 or Republicans’ winning heavily this year, recent U.S. congressional elections have been followed by requests from media members, including this newspaper, for both sides to work together better and seek more bipartisan solutions to our country’s challenges.
    So far the politicians haven’t listened often enough to those requests. But will they heed such requests better when they come from one of their own and from someone they hired?

  • Women work at least as hard as men; pay them accordingly

    We’re a nation that considers ourself among the greatest on the planet. So why do we have such a problem treating ourselves properly?

    We pretend to hold women in high esteem, yet when payday rolls around, we shortchange them by double-digit percentages.

  • Ordinance against herbal ‘pot’ welcomed

    Though the story was on the front page of last week’s issue, we think it’s important to use this space to publicly thank county commissioners for their vote outlawing the sale of herbal incense products abused as marijuana alternatives.

  • Government should not require FM radios on cell phones

    Many conservatives think there should be virtually no regulation of commerce: Businesses should be allowed to offer whatever products they think they can sell and let the buyer beware.

    Many liberals think government should strictly regulate every feature of every product manufactured or sold in the United States.

    We think there has to be a happy medium between the two sides.

  • Without labor, nothing prospers

    As Labor Day and the final long weekend of summer beckon, we pause to honor the contributions of hard-working Spencer Countians. From farms and foundries, steel mills and factory assembly lines to doctor’s offices, grocery stores and businesses all across our county, labor has been the engine that has powered Spencer County.