Your Dog's Ears

Did you ever wonder how your dog hears something before you ever hear it?

Dogs' ears are very sensitive. It’s true they are.

Just as the rain comes down and we hear it, to a dog's ears it sounds louder than drums. People remark that their dog won’t go out in the rain because they don’t want to get wet, not true in most cases. A few exceptions that a dog may not want to get wet, but for the most part, it is the sound of the rain and it hurting their ears.

Once you think about it like this, you look at your dog different.

Could you imagine how that would hurt their ears? Such as some loud noises, such as fireworks, hurt ours.

Think pet safety first, please.

Fireworks are beautiful, they really are!

But if the rain hurts their ears, could you imagine the sounds of fireworks going off? And it’s getting that time of year again: the 4th of July is coming up.

Many animals get scared and run off, some never to be seen again, some get  hurt and some get hit by cars because they are running scared and do not pay attention.

So please, this year when you celebrate, please think of the pets around you and please ask the owners to keep their pets inside until the celebrations are over.

Think pet safety first, please.

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