Your Cat Should Not Be Your Tree Topper

Those of us that have cats know how difficult it is to have a Christmas Tree and keep your curious cats and kittens out of it. Here’s a few tips on how to accomplish that, not just for the safety of the tree, but for the safety of your furry friend.

First, be sure the tree is very secure. You can put a screw in the ceiling and you can attach it to that. Also, be sure that you tie all the bottom ornaments to the tree very well. These normally end up as a play toy if you don’t.

Keep all launching pads away from the tree. Cats love to dive from the chair or end table to the tree.

Spray your tree with a cat repellent.

SSSCAT is a motion detector aerosol can that will spray when the cat approaches the tree.

Scat Mat also has an electronic mat that you can surround the tree with that has an electronic pulse that cats don’t particularly like.

Dangling cords, yarn, tinsel, strings are way too attractive to cats and need to be avoided on the tree.

Other precautions to take:

Candle flames, turkey carcass, Holly, mistletoe and Christmas rose are toxic, cat toys with glued on eyes and parts.

Keep your Holidays stress free and safe by just using a little precaution for your pets and be alert to what they may be doing.