Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere

Hi, and welcome to the blog section of what we hope is a new-and-improved (now with Razyopherty!) Spencer County Journal-Democrat Web site.

Here, we hope people will discuss issues important to them, and that their thoughts will inspire further intelligent conversation.

Perhaps one of the most important conversations we could have at this moment is about this new site. We want to serve your needs for news – and occasionally entertainment – through both our printed pages and this site. We appreciate your being here because if you weren’t, we couldn’t practice the craft we’ve chosen in the community we’ve come to love. In short, it is by your grace that we do this.

We know change can be perceived as an interruption to comfortable routines, at least. We hope you’ll view the changes you’ll see here as a gift, of sorts, an upgrade over what we have provided in the past.

We have always, and will continue to, want you to let us know how you think we’re doing. We do our best to provide the information you need about the issues that affect your life. We are not all-knowing, however, and much of what we report starts out as news tips, sometimes from people who don’t identify themselves. The fact that they want to tip us off, but remain anonymous, tells us they want truths to be told, and they don’t care about getting credit for it. We appreciate tips any way we get them.

We have all seen that conversations on just about any topic can quickly degenerate into name-calling or other lesser forms of discourse. We’re sure that will be attempted here, but we’re also sure the community will step up to point out any inappropriate postings. The issues important to this community are complex, and it’s rare to find an individual who knows all of the answers.

It's also rare to find people whose feelings are all on one side or another of a spectrum. Humans are complicated, and our ideas are shaped by many factors, not the least of which are the unique experiences each of us has been through.

If you feel you can contribute something worthwhile, we want to hear from you regardless of your political, religious, philosophical or other perspective.

We want you to participate, and to help make this site more than just a document you can read on your computer. We report on events, problems, struggles and hopes that have real impacts on this community’s  well-being. We tell you about parents, teachers, coaches and others who work to guide youngsters into prosperous adulthoods, and about a few adults who help other adults in similar struggles. In our community of roughly 20,000 people, it’s easy to miss a few. Most of them are shy about announcing, “look what I’ve done!” so we need people willing to tell us about them.

This is a new vehicle for serving you the content that has appeared in our pages from our beginning, plus some new stuff. We hope you enjoy it.

(Oh, and by the way, "Razyopherty" is a word I made up just to poke fun at ingredients advertised on products in attempts to show that they're "new and improved!" Because it's an imaginary ingredient, you don't have to worry that you might have got some on you while your were reading this.)