Sweet pickings at Lakeview Orchard

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Lakeview Orchard has seen another frenzy of picking as more peaches became ready for the dinner table. The picking season generally ranges from June to September, but according to Jim Seiler, whose father started the orchard in 1963, spring frosts have stuttered development a bit forcing orchard employees to play it by ear this season.

He noted that these peaches are of the Contender variety, meaning they are very hardy and well acclimated to areas with hard winters and unexpected spring freezes. As a result, inclement weather rarely does the fruits any real harm, though it does make the picking season less predictable.

Contender peaches are also known for their flavor and usefulness in baking, canning and even as a snacking as they are. Nearby Pepper’s Ridge Winery uses the orchard’s peaches to make sweet peach wine.

Peaches can be purchased from Lakeview Orchard at 2315 N. Orchard Road north of Reo. The orchard can be reached by phone at (812) 649-2753.