It’s Cold Outside. Please don’t forget the outside pets

Be a responsible pet owner, your pet/pets depends on you.

The winter months are here, and it’s cold outside. Outdoor pets need extra attention.

Pets that are kept outdoors, providing shelter and warmth is vital to prevent hypothermia setting in. Make sure that their bedding area is protected from the wind, rain, snow and ice.

Insulated dog houses or igloos would be really nice.

Their bedding should always be dry and fresh bedding added as needed.

Older pets of any breed are more at risk for freezing then younger pets. Older dogs also suffer with arthritis which can be more troubling during the winter.

Watch for frostbite, usually on ear tips, tail, and foot pads. Symptoms to look for include: ice on the body, shivering, affected tissues become red, then pale, then black. Seek help from a veterinarian if you suspect frostbite.

Tarps fastened to the sides and top of the pens can help break the wind, also helps protect your pet.

Fresh water is a very important thing for your pets. At this time of the year where the temperatures drop, the water freezes.

The pets need water, not ice. Some pet owners uses heated water buckets, they are nice and you don’t have to worry about the water freezing, and takes very little electricity.

If you can’t get or use the electric water buckets, please check your pets water at least twice a day.

Outside pets may require more calories in order to maintain a healthy weight. It takes more calories to stay warm so watch carefully, take your pet to the veterinarian for weight checks if necessary. An older dog or cat will not be able to withstand the cold as well as a younger animal so especially watch for weight loss in senior pets.

Outside pets need a fat covering to act as insulation against the cold.

Many health concerns can be found during play and exercise – watch how your pet moves.

Is it limping? Limping and slow to move from a down position to a standing position and vice versa, and a hesitancy to go up and down stairs could indicate joint problems.

Many times joint problems can be helped with medications prescribed by a veterinarian, don't let your pet suffer in silence.

Spending more time with your pet will allow you to notice changes in your pets appearance and the way it moves and catch health problems, which allows you to take care of the problems sooner.

Keep your pets away from antifreeze, it will kill them. Cats thrives for heat and the are known to get under hoods of cars with warm engines. Always make a loud noise to wake and scare the cats from under your hood of your car.

Please remember the pets who aren’t as fortunate as yours are, donate a bag of food or bedding, or even dog houses, (new or used) to your local  Rescue groups, they will see to it that the ones who are in need, gets it.

Your local Rescue groups needs your help, so they can help more pets in need.

Until every pet has a safe home, my job will never be done.
Executive Director and Founder, TLC Pals 4 Paaws Inc.