Curtis Hill should resign his office

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A special prosecutor investigating Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill recently decided the state’s chief law enforcement officer won’t face criminal charges over allegations he groped women in an Indianapolis bar last spring.

That doesn’t mean Hill’s pleas of innocence are believable and we disagree with his attorney when he said the attorney general has now been exonerated. No, it means simply that grounds were not there to file criminal charges.

In fact, Daniel Sigler, the special prosecutor, called the women’s  allegations against Hill credible.

Hill remains tainted by the allegations and the controversy surrounding them. He likely faces civil lawsuits from the women he allegedly touched.

Prominent Republicans, including Gov. Eric Holcomb, have called on Hill to resign. However, he has vowed to remain in office. That’s unfortunate.

Hoosiers deserve an attorney general  untainted by scandal who can carry on his work without the distraction of civil lawsuits and a general lack of respect. It makes for an awkward situation.

In fact, awkward might be the best way to describe Hill’s presence at a Perry-Spencer Republican picnic this summer in which he showed up, but was not on the speaker’s list and was only invited to the podium when someone noticed him sitting in the audience. He spoke for a few minutes.

Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, both of whom have called on Hill to resign, were present that evening at Mulzer’s Camp.

It certainly made for an awkward few minutes.

We agree with state officials who have called for Hill’s resignation. He needs to heed the advice, and the sooner the better.

This editorial first appeared in the Perry County News.