10 health tips to learn from your pets

We know our pets. Their habits, schedules, likes and dislikes, attitudes and reactions. This comes from us watching them on a daily basis. Little do we think to apply their habits to our own lives. Being that animals are so instinctual, we should. No Google searches have they done to develop their lifestyles.

Following are attributes we could adopt.

Play. Animals play because it makes them happy. If we take time each day for some freedom to smile, no matter how big or small, the impact can be great. If it’s choosing the playtime with your pet, that’s a double whammy.

Walk. Walking is mental stimulator for dogs. People who walk also boost brain health, as well as reducing risk of certain health conditions. Twenty minutes a day can contribute to a good mind and body. It’s also great cardio.

Unconditional love. Pets express their love with licks and closeness, even the occasional paw in the face. We can all benefit from showing more love and having open hearts.

Importance of sleep. Cats sleep an average of 12 to 16 hours per day. Dogs sleep about 10. People have reported less than six hours per day on a regular basis. It is recommended that we sleep seven to nine. It makes us more alert and productive and gives us a better chance of managing or losing weight.

Forgiveness. Pets hold no grudges. Their nature is to react and move on. Applying this to our lives can keep us from added stress and the drain of energy.

Stretch. Animals are constant stretchers. Furry yoga instructors, as I now see them. At least twice a week, stretch and hold it for 15-30 seconds. Daily would be great, if you can. This will reduce tension in muscles.

Schedule. Dogs particularly fare better with routine and regular schedules. Humans who lack schedules can disrupt hormones in the body, which can cause serious health problems.

Listen to your body. Pets drink when thirsty, go to a litter box or the door to go out to potty. Giving your body what it needs when your body needs it helps keeps your immune system stronger.

Focus. Animals have a single-track mind. No multi-tasking going on here. We think it makes us more productive, but studies prove that to be wrong. Paying attention to details is a problem with multi-tasking. Focus on one project at a time and fulfill it to the best of your ability.

Shade. Animals seek out shade to cool down. Since one in five people get skin cancer, shade looks better and better. Avoiding sun between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. is best, since this is when rays are strongest. Use sunscreen at other times of sun exposure.

And you thought you were smarter than your pet all along.